1. Law (B) Department:

This Wing of the department is primarily responsible for rendering legal advice in respect of various matters of law referred to by various departments of Government of Meghalaya. This Wing also undertakes various other functions having legal bearing such as vetting of various statutes, rules, regulations, bye-laws, notifications under various statutes as referred to by the various departments of Government of Meghalaya. It also examines cases with regard to the desirability of filing appeal/ revisions in higher Judicial forums besides appeal against acquittals as referred to by the Departments of Government. This Wing also deals with the drafting and vetting of legislative proposals/ bills and also tenders advice on legislative business. It also takes stock of all kind of Acts in original being implemented by various departments in the State.

2. Law (A) Department:

This Wing deals with the Administration of Justice pertaining to the subordinate courts which includes grant of administrative approval/expenditure sanction to various plan/ non-plan schemes.

Under the Plan Schemes, the major project at present being executed is construction of District Courts. Other major projects under the Plan Scheme being undertaken are the construction of High Court of Meghalaya.

For effectively defending the interest of the Government, this department undertakes an exercise periodically to prepare panel of advocates in respect of High Court, District Courts. Those applicants who fulfill the requirements as laid down under the guidelines are considered for empanelling.