About Us

The Department of Law is one of the important segment of the Government of Meghalaya and its office is located in the Main Secretariat Building, Shillong. Amongst other functions allocated to this department under the Rules of Executive Business of the Government of the State of Meghalaya the department is more importantly engaged in the functions such as tendering legal advice on variety of issues referred to by various departments of Government of Meghalaya and also performing consultative role in regard to proposals for legislations, framing of statutory rules/regulations, notifications, byelaws and finalization of important M.O.Us etc.

This Department is also vested with the responsibility of preparation of panels of advocates in respect of the High Court of Meghalaya, District Courts, and appointment of advocates of panels to defend interest of the departments of the Government of Meghalaya. This Department in the capacity of administrative department of the District Courts is also engaged in the supervision and monitoring of the execution of various plan/non-plan schemes in respect of district courts, which includes the construction of District Court Buildings at different places as well as scheme for getting the establishment of Special Courts at Nongstoin.

This department is also entrusted with the administration of Public Prosecutors including Addl. Public Prosecutors/ Assistant Public Prosecutors in the matter of grant of retainer ship fee to Standing Counsel (Civil)/(Criminal) as well as paying remuneration to the Addl. P.Ps and reviewing their fee structure from time to time. The amicus-curie appointed by the various courts are also entitled to receive payments as per rules from this department.